Specific objectives:

  • Increase women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas through a training program and business support.
  • Advise entrepreneurs and businesswomen individually, to improve their ability to create value in the marketplace with innovative proposals adapted to current market demands.
  • Promote the exchange of experiences between rural women entrepreneurs in Spain and Norway.
  • Contribute to the development of entrepreneurial initiatives and the transfer of good practices through the Guide for Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas from a Gender Perspective.


    • Exchange of experiences regarding the promotion of rural women entrepreneurship. Workshop to share with the project partners the business methodology that will be used in the workshops with rural SMEs (learn more about the results of this meeting here).
    • Guide for Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas from a Gender Perspective (download it here).
  • Territorial implementation.
    • Training and personalized advice through workshops in the regions covered by the project: Andalusia, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Norway (check our calendar and the «Press» section for more information).

It is a simple and effective system of training that enables entrepreneurs to review their entrepreneurial business projects whether they have knowledge of business management or not.

To do that we use the stock of knowledge and the extensive experience of Andanatura, CERES and Odal Næringshage Utvikling on direct advice to companies.

What will you learn? How to better compete, how to find new market niches, how to match supply to customers’ demands, how to speak to them, distribution channels, restructuring of financial resources, identification of operational requirements, cost control systems, etc.

If you are an amateur entrepreneur, we will focus on outlining your business model, studying your customers and their needs, controlling the most important economic aspects of the process of starting a business, eliminating risks and starting fast.

All of this thanks to a smart, visual, simple and straightforward methodology.

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