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Are you a woman living in a rural area and managing a small company? Or maybe you’d want to start one? If so, this project is for you (check our calendar to see which of our workshops is closer to you).

Did you know that the participation of women in the rural labor market is lower than that of men? 49% versus 72.3%! Other phenomena, such as vertical segregation (greater concentration of men in managing jobs) and horizontal segregation (concentration of women in less valued and remunerated jobs) contribute to this inequality.

And all this despite the crucial role women play in rural areas as an economic and sustainability agent.

The aim of the Women Business Models project is to favor female entrepreneurship in rural areas, and the exchange of knowledge and success experiences between Spain and Norway. We seek to promote entrepreneurship among women in rural areas. Specifically, the project focuses on Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura. (You can take a look at the specific objectives and activities here).

This means that 70 female entrepreneurs or rural businesswomen in these territories will be able to fully benefit from free training activities that will enable them to improve their ability to develop innovative proposals in today’s job market, especially in rural areas.

This project has been born from the Nature Business Models project, developed by Andanatura. It allowed us to adapt the Business Models Canvas methodology for Spanish rural SMEs, with excellent results.


Women Business Models (aka Development and Implementation Strategy of a Business models Tool as a key instrument in the improvement of competitiveness and sustainability of Female Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas) is a project developed by Andanatura Foundation, in collaboration with the Confederation of Rural Women (CERES) and Odal Næringshage Utvikling, 90% financed by the Institute for Women and for Equal Opportunities through the EEA Grants and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism under the Memorandum of Agreement between the Kingdom of Norway, Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Kingdom of Spain.

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