Archivos diarios: 26 febrero, 2015

Here starts the Women Business Models Program!

We are excited to introduce the «Women Business Models» project, led by Andanatura, in collaboration with ¨Confederación de Mujeres del Mundo Rural» (CERES) and Odal Næringshage Utvikling.

With this project we are looking to promote female entrepreneurship in rural zones, as well as exchange knowledge and success stories between Spain and Norway. Our ultimate goal is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit amongst women in rural zones, especially in Andalusia, Castilla – La Mancha and Extremadura.

Andanatura contributes to the project their extremely extensive experience with the Canvas business model tool, which they have adapted for small and medium sized business in rural zones. CERES and Odal Næringshage Utvikling contribute to the project with their well developed consulting expertise in similar areas.

During this project we will individually consult and evaluate 70 businesswomen and new entrepreneurs from these regions, to better their capacity for creating, developing, and capturing value in the market with innovative offers adapted the current market. Additionally, we will soon share with you an entrepreneurship guide to facilitate this process which is so complicated and thrilling.

Women Business Models is a project of which 90% is co-financed by the Instituto for Women and Equal Opportunities through EEA grants and the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism Funds, as underwritten in the memorandum between Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Spain.

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